Hello guys, how are you Friends as you know Many people in the world Pubes play mobile games Just keep playing and waste time If you don't want to waste your time So you have come to the right place on my blog You people should not understand that you feel like playing pubg

 I just want to let you know that you can earn a game by playing Many 

players will not know that they can earn money by playing games.

Yes, I want to tell you that now your time will not be wasted, you will also enjoy and earn money too.

So let me tell you how all this will happen

Who is Organizing Its Gamingmonk
GamingMonk is a platform where thousands of people join and earn money by playing games. So what is the delay, you can also earn money, join that too for free But one thing you should know is that only and only mobile players can play

 So now let us know about the rules and regulations

1.The decision taken by admin will be considered as the first and the last, there can be no change of any kind in this.

2. The admin team has the power to without warning Any player has the right to kick or ban

3. Reward players by looking at their kills and points Rank will be checked

4. Players will be awarded Rs [ ₹5 ] prizes of one kil

5. Map classic erangal

6. Game mode solo TTP

7. server Asia

8. Your id should be in words / id with number is not allowed

9. Pubg Mobile In Game Name This Showing In Picture Blue And Game Eid Submit The GamingMonic Shold Match & Else The Player Want Received Reward

 Only 28 teams will be able to join

 So what can you do late to join and make Money So don't waste your time sexually and make your money by playing games You have to play with the best players, this will also increase your skills.

May 2020 is the time to start the match It will start at 5 PM So you go and join quickly or else time will pass.

I am showing here the names of some users who have joined

1: User812752

2: Hemant7122

3: Crazyash1997

4: Srthkdutt

5: Ampxmarcos

6: User1098981

7: User1099159

8: user1099095

9: user1097947

Go to singup a join


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