Hello guys how are you Hope you guys are fine So as you know Ramadan Championship Semifinal round is going on The match played yesterday was the last match of the semifinal
Europe server map veranga  Which played very well

Now let's talk About group A

So as you know, in the last few matches, the IPS team did not do anything good But in this semifinal last match, the IPS team played very dangerously and blew the enemy's senses
IPS was being killed on kill. Some people said that IPS is a hacker But this is not something IPS has not cheated played real games
And this team also had chicken dinner while playing a better game

So let us now talk about the rider team that rocked this match

So let's come now let's talk The team on which all eyes are set That team is nobody else but that team's name is Redreader Yes, this team is the organizer, in this semifinal match, this team had spread enemies boxes all around. The leader of this team, Ryder Sharay, had a game crash in the last zone Otherwise result of the match would have been different
The rider team ranks in the top thames of pubg Lite There was a ruckus that the rider team had 3 players knock. It seemed the  teams would be out but the riderrider team returned once again And got 2 nd position in semifinals.

So Guys saw his semifinal group A match result


semifinal group A match result

Now let's talk about Group B Which played in Same Server & Map The name of the team that made a big difference in this match mister clan This  team that has given excellent performance in this match. Whenever you see his name in Kill Feild
This team played a very strong match The dead have caused great havoc in the last zone Achieved chicken dinner by playing a best game

Now let's talk about the team that secured the 2nd position

Name of that team, Rdx, yes, this team has given a great performance. Roads have given very good performance in some of the matches behind.And has made his name among the top teams In this match, Rudex won the 2nd position and also made his place in the final.

So let's get to see the table points group B that I have inserted in the image below

Semifinal result group b

So this was group A and group B results, now let's talk The teams that reached the finals
7 teams have been selected from group A
And 8 teams have been selected from Group B Guys is going to be a lot of fun, the top teams are in the final.

Friends, these teams are selected in the finals


Guys if you are new and want to see your final matches So you can visit our channel there daily live stream Channel ka name hai
 redrider gaming
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