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Friends, as you know, yesterday was the last final match of the Ramadan Championship tournament. Pubg mobile lite may, 2020 over now And its very exciting results This vent was greatly enjoyed and praised by the public.Not everyone likes that such an event is rarely seen

So let's talk now The teams that played very well in this event and final match 

We were talking about the team that won this final match event Talking about this team, it is a very strong team The name of this team is the Capra team which plays at the Natinol level.The Capra team won the final match, as well as a good performance in the semifinal and qualifier matches.

The leader of this team is Capra LEEL,
Capra LEEL  is the best player. Of pubg mobile lite During this event.                  Capra team had participated in many more events.
To the extent that this team is appreciated And plazer The players are also of good mood

So let's start now The team of Capra, in a very wonderful way, reversed the attitude of this match and made the match in its name.
And won the tournament with 12 skills and deserved the reward As a result, the 1st team will be given a Winner Pass of the Pubg Mobile Lite  So this was about our winner team

Now let's talk about the team that got the 2nd position

 The name of that team is 7T7 esports which is a very good team. And it is not easy to get 2nd positions in such a big tournament
The 7T7 esports th team played a lot of games in this event.And made a different identity
Even though the prize was nothing special, but coming into the 2nd position is also a sign of a good hardworking team.Prize 100 battle coin has been given to the team coming 2nd

Let us now talk about the team which has achieved its 3rd position.

Friends, that is nobody else but the Redrider team Redrider team also played very well in this tournament And both of their teams qualified for the finals. But rulse
According to select the one team in the final matches Redreaders created a lot of panic in this tournament in the camp of their enemies
If the other team had come to know that there is a Redrider team at this place then they would not have gone there.
This was all the data that you read this tournament

So let's now look at the table points that I have inserted in the image below.


So friends, we are going to announce another tournament Will see you in a few days

Guys urge you to stay in your homes due to Cronavirus Stay home and save your life
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