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Warrior esports lockdown war semifinal match

Hello guys how are you hope you are good Guys as you know warrior esports The Lockdown War tournament is going on which was played between the two teams It was a great match,
hope you guys have enjoyed it very much It was the best match ever This was the last match of semifinals In which some teams have given much better performance

Now let's talk about Deadly Warriors

 And as far as the talk of Deadly Warrior 
This team did a great work Find and kill enemies No teams could stand against Deadly Warrior This team is a very strong team 
Deadly Warrior  is named among the best team of pubg Mobile Like playing
Deadly Warrior This team was not only full on all teams, but this team also played chicken dinner while playing a stormy match.
And was ahead of all the teams and also made his 1st position.

Let us now talk about the team that 

continued to dominate the tournament.So let's tell who is that team, who is that team and no one is the Capra team Yes, this team has consistently given better performance throughout the tournament.
Capra team either played top but second best but this team played the best game Friends, this was the last match of the semi-finals which went very well. And today

let's see the final match, which team gives better performance in the final match 

I believe that nobody can win this final match other than the Capra team Well this is a game, nothing can be said Any team can make a comeback at any time Well, it's a matter of luck So let's now see the table points Which

 I have inserted in the image below

Warrior esports lockdown war semifinal match result

Guys is now waiting for the final match result, let's see which team wins this match.

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