PUBG MOBILE Patch Report - Update 7.3

PUBG MOBILE Patch Report - Update 7.3

 Update 7.3 has arrivedand brings an explosive new weapon, some new updates to vehicle balance, quality of life changesfor landing with your team, and an update to the esports menu. Let's get right into it. The first update is the addition of C-4, a brand-new explosivethat sticks to most surfaces. Once its long timer finishes,this powerful explosive deals damage to everything within a 25-meter radius,both horizontally and vertically.

C-4 isn't meant to be another throwable,but rather a tactical choice to prevent enemies from stayingin a defensive position. There's a clear audible beeping soundwhen C-4 is armed which increases in frequencyas it gets closer to boom time. You'll want to be clear of itwhen that happens.

 C-4 spawns as world looton Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok and will also appear in care packageson these maps. Vehicles are getting a balance updatethis patch as well, with new damage zones being added tochange how you go about taking them down. Starting with 7.3, damage dealt to theengine of a vehicle will still be full, but damage done to the sidesand roof of a vehicle will be reduced.

 Vehicles will also no longer explodeimmediately upon reaching zero health. Instead, the engine will dieand catch fire, giving you about five seconds to bail before the vehicle reachesits ultimate end, though excessive damagecan be an exception.
These new damage zones affectmost basic four-wheeled vehicles like the UAZ and Mirado. Other changes includeincreased armor for boats, no more increased collision damagewhen vehicles are rolling, and a 50% increase to spike-trap length. You can check out the patch notesfor the full details. One more vehicle-related thing, the trains on Vikendi have gottena new vertical line on the map, which should give more options for use. Some trains will now also makean additional stop before reversing direction, and we've added new indicators forwhen trains are arriving and departing.

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Players dropping with their team can once again utilizethe Parachute Follow feature, which was previously disabledpending some improvements, to stick close to their group withouthaving to maneuver there manually. From the pre-match countdownto before the drop, you can select a teammateto follow to the grounds. This can be cancelled on the map screenby holding F while in the plane or while following the playerin your chute. Finally, the esports menu has beenupdated in preparation for PCS1. Here you'll be able to find an overview,
team standings, and the next iterationof the Pick'em Challenge. We'll be talking about PCS1and the Pick'em Challenge more soon,  Update 7.3 is available nowon PC test servers, so drop in and check out everything new!
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