What's the specification ought to i have for this game?

The minimal specifications currently advocated for playerunknown's battlegrounds mobile lite on android are the following:

- working machine: android four.1 or better;
- ram: 1gbs (minimum) or better;
- the set up percent is ready 720 mb;
- the lite version is only for android os.

Do those  games share bills? if now not, can i transfer from one to the opposite?
No. money owed aren't shared and the modern model does not aidTransfers

Will facebook and google play structures be incorporated?

Because of social network and person privateness motives, facebook and google play aren't incorporated and gamers from different platforms cannot play with each other. we thanks in your knowledge.

What is the distinction between pubg cellular and pubg cellular lite?

Pubg cellular lite preserves the classic mode, but has a smaller set up p.c., runs smoother and is greater informal.

I am gambling pubg mobile lite. can i play with myBuddies that are on pubg mobile?

No, because lite is an impartial game, although it is primarily based on pubg mobile.

Is there an ios version of pubg mobile lite?

Not at this moment.

Are item prices in pubg cellular lite and pubg cell the same? if now not, why?

Pubg mobile lite is a separate recreation altogether, so the items can have distinct expenses than pubg mobile.

Can i play both games with one account?

These are two separate video games, so that you will need an account for each.

How often will pubg mobileLite be updated? whilst will we get a new map?

The lite model could be up to date primarily based on consumer remarks. we presently do not have a hard and fast agenda.

Am i able to delete my account?

This option isn't always to be had but.

Can i reset my account?

This option isn't available but.

Is there an professional internet site?

Hello soldier, thank you for contacting us! for extra data and films, please kindly visit our legitimate website at:

Can i get bp/bc refunds if i bought the wrong object?

RefundsAre not available, so please test your purchases cautiously earlier than finalizing them.

Can i use the emulator?

No. we propose gambling to your cellular devices for a higher revel in.

What need to i do if i can not open the game?

We are sorry to realize which you are not able to open/launch the sport and might be glad to help you. here is a quick tick list to make certain you could experience the game:

1. if you acquired an mistakes code, please click on at the "restore" icon at the right facet of the display screen and restartThe game;
2. if you stucked within the loading display screen, please quit the application and exchange your connection technique and attempt once more;
Three. please ensure that you have a stable and strong connection to play the game;
Four. clear the application cache out of your tool settings and cease all the different useless applications strolling within the history. restart the sport again.
If the hassle persists, please do not hesitate to tell us once more and provide greater information/screenshots simply approximately the trouble youEncountered, thank you to your assist!

About clans

A extended family is a group that allow players in the clan to team up with every other to get more exciting gameplay/rewards. the clans may be customized with avatar, icon, and so forth. and please word that the better clan's degree is, the extra members it may accommodate.
Be a part of/create clan(s) to fulfill greater buddies and get greater rewards!

Upload individuals:
1. clan's chief and co-chief can invite their buddies to the extended family without delay.
2. clan participants can recommend theirBuddies to the chief or co-leader. after approval, they will be invited to the clan efficiently.
Three. from the primary menu of the extended family, at the proper aspect of the screen - left side of the vertical bar, you could see "invite" button, press to feature greater contributors!

Extended family interest:
You could refer following steps to earn more clan hobby points:
1. complete daily extended family training to earn interest factors
2. participate in traditional and arcade mode matches to earn extended family interest points.
3. earn more factors by way ofRanking better in fits. crew up with clan member to ear bonus hobby point. more clan members way greater bonus points.

Extended family tiers:
Interest factors contributed by way of extended family members are converted into extended family exp and the clan's degree will upward push as soon as clan exp reached the required quantity.
Better level extended family have access to extra extended family privileges:
1. clan length growth
2. better objects in cl`an save
Three. extra individuals to accommodate

Clan points & clan store:
Extended family factors:
A good way to earn extended family factors, you couldDo from:
1. clan education
2. get greater extended family hobby factors to accumulate extra clan blessings

Clan shop:

The extended family gives a personal keep and it will allows you to buy unique items/avatar frames with clan points. the higher extended family's degree is, the more gadgets will be unlocked, the to be had gadgets may be purchased with extended family factors.
Notice: in case you want to check what objects are to be had for purchase, please press "store" and a listing of objects and avatar frames could be proven with their buying situations.

WhatAre the benefits of clan?

Joining a extended family will gain you a lot! you'll be capable of: more pals
2.whole interesting extended family missions
* so as to finish challenge or to peer which designed day by day assignment it's far assigned, please faucet on clan education
3.earn extended family points for rewards
* complete extended family missions to earn clan factors and buy stuffs inside the extended family save.

What is clan training

There are specific clan schooling every day. participate to earn extended family activity points and clan points.

1.Complete private objectives to acquire non-public reward on that day
2. non-public results will be brought to the extended family consequences on that day. after attaining a positive number, each clan member will ale to accumulate extended family crate
Three. there are 3 extended family crates in total. the higher the clan results are, the greater crates may be gathered.

What is new.

Hey soldiers,

Fly like a falcon:
Rumor has it that a new companion could be visible soaring the skies on may additionally 18th!
Payload mode:
A true adrenaline rush!

PayloadGameplay: fight from land or sky
New automobiles: brdm-2, ah6
Extremely good weapons: mgl, m3e1-a

How Do I Get the Companion?

Degree up in fits, release interactions

Winner skip perks
First-time consumers can get additional rewards

Personal space updated
New synergy and display feature for clothing.
There are heaps of other functions and fixes with this replace, you can locate unique information on our reputable channels down beneath:

Legitimate internet site:

How do i am getting the accomplice?

Hey soldier,

We're excited to announce that falcon is arriving soon as a companion. you can discover the falcon on 18th might also soaring above the clouds. more details to come later, we hope you're taking part in the brand new replace as tons as we loved making it for you.

You could discover unique records approximately what is new on our reliable channels down under:

Respectable website:Https://

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