New update pubg lite 1.0.0

New update pubg lite 1.0.0

New update pubg lite 1.0.0

Pubg lite new update 1.0.0 Guys, as you know, have already updated Already in PUBG Mobile Lite You must be wondering what is this now new pubg lite update 1.0.0 come I am going to tell you about the same All of you will know that any update in our Pubg Lite is only after 2.5 and 2 months.

 In which a lot of new things are found, due to this, the interest of the players would have increased a lot. 

And that's why today the most played game in the whole world 

New update pubg lite 1.0.0

Pubg lite new update 1.0.0 We are going to tell a lot about

So the Guys Winter update is almost done, and according to this, after about one to one and a half months, a new update of Pubz Lite is coming. 

And after one to one and a half months, another update is coming, it is going to come in the global version, that means PUBG is coming in mobile lite. 

And besides this, one more thing you will know is that from whatever update comes in PUBG Global Lite, there is an update of JUST BETA PUBG LITE before that month. 

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So we are going to tell about the same which is going to come in beta pubg lite And he will come till December end and so I am going to tell you today. 

The new update that will be available in PUBG Lite will give the beta version a lot of new things in it. You will get to see a lot of interesting things So Guys first of all let me tell you what things are going to come in PUBG Lite new update 1.0.0

 As far as the expectation is, whatever update will come, you will know that you will know that the last update that came was also a winter update. This time too, updates are going to come in most of the winter. And in the update that is coming, you will get very good pictures. All PUBG players are waiting for a nice update such as The WinnerPass update that comes in has a lot of new things like the black suit and the white suit looks awesome. And the skin of M416 is very beautiful in black skin

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What happens with this is that a different passion is created inside the pubg lite players and people start playing a lot more The last update that came was a winter base update, a lot of things that were not included in this update 

So hope that the new update that is going on is going to be a winter update, we might get to see some events too. 

For example, there was a very popular mode in the Winter Updates of PUBG Mobile, its name is Arcade Mode. To avoid winter in this, some wood has to be collected. And those woods are stored and burnt inside so that we can avoid the winter in the game. If we do not burn those wood, then our health slowly starts decreasing. 

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Within this mode, we can also eat animal food and can also eat chicken This update came in PUBJ Mobile, it was a very powerful mode And it is expected that we will get to see a similar mode in PUBG Mobile Lite too. It would be fun if you had such an update in PUBG Lite 

Now let's talk about the Winter Map 

Like he has a very short chance in wikendi I do not think that PUBG will add wikendi map to PUBG Lite as well, if this happens then it is going to be a lot of fun. 

If it also adds, then it may be that the snow map can be added to the side of the sink delta in it. 

Guys now talks about the new feature


The new features are Upgraded Guns which has just got a new winter update. 

In it we got the new glacier skin of Akm In the upgrade gun section 

So it may be that in the next update, the new glacier skin of M416 can be seen. 

Akam's glacier skin was seen in the update of 0.20.0 Dear readers, you will know that every update gets 1 or 2 upgrated guns, whereas this time only one Akam gun was added. The new update is likely to be included in it, 2 subgrade guns can be added. And it has a new glacier skin upgrade upgrade of And it has a new glacier skin upgrade of M416 guns 

Now let's talk about the new version version 

Currently the version of Pubg Lite is 0.20.0 And the update to the new global version is many, it can have version 1.0.0 By the way, this update was going to be a version change but it didn't happen So hopefully its version can be changed to 1.0.0 instead of 0.20.0 in next upcoming update. 

Now let's talk about the lobby 

As far as the lobby is concerned, the lobby can also be changed for some time. 

But there will not be permanent change but there are chances of change through the event. 

And you will know that after a few days the Christmas festival is coming, it may also have a Christmas lobby. 

This update will also be available only for a few days in Pubg Lite. In the last update, you must have seen that something special was not added by Pubg. 

In this winter update, Snow Land Map was the only one from which we think the update has come. 

There was no special update in Veranga 

And the most useless thing was that Pubg has removed our Tdm mode too, the players are very angry with this. May be the new update gets to see Tdm mode but it is not confirmed, just hope that Tdm may be added back to the new update On behalf of the pubg, The biggest thing is that Tdm has been removed only from the global version. The rest of the beta version is still turning around 

Now let's talk about some outfits for the new update 

The new update is in the outfit, it can be a Winters suit or a Christmas suit. And the matter of low damage is that many players complain that low damage is more in the pubg lite So the low damage cannot be completely fixed, but hopefully the low damage will be reduced to some extent. And the damage can be increased but it may not be so much that the damage will be done like a pubg mobile. Guys and apart from that the training mode which is very old features in Miramar is in PUBG Mobile They have not yet added anything to Pubg lite.

It is possible that some things can be added, such as training mode but we cannot say anything about the pubg lite. Hope you can add something By the way, if the training mode is added then the players will be very happy. Many people of can train in it, many people can practice in it which will be very good for the players. 

Well we have talked a lot about new updates 

Let's talk about some more work 

Some players want us to get Winnerpas for free but it is impossible to get Winnerpas, in free But you can just take it for free, there are many games that you get just by playing You will get many such games applications on Google. By playing geico you can easily take the battle coin for free. So now let's wait for the new update which is expected to be a very interesting update | 

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If you want you to see your Pubg Mobile Lite or Pubg Mobile clan inside Google. So you can contact us In this, you have to give the names of all the members of your clan with tag, And whatever rules you have, you will have to tell, And you have to tell us the requirements of joining clan. And all your social accounts will be for example Facebook Youtube Whatsapp Instagram link So that whoever wants to join you can contact you

If you say to join our clan, Red Rider gaming, then on our YouTube channel you will get the video of the requirements. You can join us by watching that video But you have to fulfill the requirements of our clan, only then you will get the chance to join our clan. 

If you want more new update information in Pubg related, you can follow us You can tell us by commenting, If you have any question about Pubg Lite or Mobile, you can mail or comment to us.

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