Pubg mobile lite update problem

Pubg mobile lite update problem

Pubg mobile lite update problem

Are you facing pubg mobile lite update problem so don't worry Today we will talk about how PUBG Mobile Lite update problem will be solved.You will get the answer of all your questions in this article.

Today we are going to discuss the PUBG Mobile Lite update problem, and how to buy the BC in PUBG Mobile and PUBG New State, and Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite, We will cover this topic that how people are being cheated on the BC purchase. If you read the entire article from beginning to end, then you are going to get a lot of knowledge. 

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As you know, PUBG Mobile, and PUBG Mobile Lite has been banned in India. Because first Pubg was from a China company whose name was Tencent. That's  India banned pubg But why was it banned, you must know its details. 

That's why I will not go into the details of this Even after PUBG was Banned in India, players were still playing PUBG Mobile Lite, and PUBG Mobile, and PUBG Korean, versions by using them. 

All gamers are Worry to fix the PUBG Mobile Lite update problem. But this update problem is not getting fixed 

But just a few weeks back, Crafts has launched a Pubg named BGMI MEANS  Battlegrounds Mobile India in India. Due to which Indian players of Pubg Global have started playing Battlegrounds Mobile India. But  PUBG Mobile Lite players are still playing their full old version And waiting for the update for many months but there is no chance of the update.

The last update was 0.21.0 in March 2021 It's been almost 6 months since then but no update yet. Many people also followed trend on twitter for update but pubg mobile lite update problem not fixed But with what we have come to know, I can say that the PUBG Mobile Lite update problem is going to be fixed very soon.

Pubg mobile lite beta update 0.22.0

Just a few days ago Pubz Mobile Lite beta update 0.22.0 has been seen in which 1001 MB update has come. This shows that Pubg Lite Company has started doing some work. Many players have told about the update Beta version also downloaded and enjoying But beta version is only for test real gamers don't play games in beta version Play the game only in the original version. 

PUBG Mobile Lite beta version is made for The update that has to be done is first determined and tested by updating it to the beta version. So that they can update correctly in Pubg Mobile Lite So that there is no problem later, so beta version is made. 

Let me tell you one thing, knowing that you will be shocked. 

The thing is that when you open the beta version of PUBG Mobile Lite, you will see full banner krafton. That is, now krafton has completely taken Pubg Mobile Lite under them. Earlier when you used to open PUBG Mobile Lite, you would see the logo of Tencent company. 

But now the logo of Only krafton is visible, this shows that the krafton have now started working in PUBG Mobile Lite And now it seems that the update will come soon.

After the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Indian players are getting hopeful Battlegrounds Mobile India, Kraft will also launch Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite. There has been a lot of enthusiasm among the Indian players, after the arrival of BGMI PUBG Mobile Lite will also come in the Indian version. 

And it is absolutely true that PUBG Mobile Lite will now come in Indian version as well, but when will it come, no one knows the fixed date and time. No has Krafton any official announcement about it.

There are just some Youtubers who keep giving news through their own channel. Some sources have revealed that krafton will launch PUBG Mobile Lite in the Indian version by the end of October. 

And the krafton have been completely involved into all the games of Pubg. krafton is going to update PUBG Mobile Lite very soon 100% new update is coming now in pubg mobile lite Because when the beta version of Pubg Mobile Lite has arrived, then it is obvious that updates will definitely come in Pubg Mobile Lite as well. 

pubg mobile lite update problem is going to be solved now just need a little patience The delay in the update of PUBG Mobile Lite is because of Battlegrounds Mobile India because The entire team of krafton was working in BGMI  MEANS Blegrounds Mobile India. That's why krafton did not pay attention to the PUBG Mobile Lite update problem. Due to which the new update got delayed. 

But now there is no need to panic, it is a matter of great happiness for News Pubg Mobile Lite players.

What are the new features in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0 Beta Version? 

A lot of people have stopped playing pubg mobile lite because of pubg mobile lite update problem And this thing is not good for krafton I think the krafton may have noticed that a lot of players have already left Pubg Mobile Lite This is the reason why Again krafton has started working in PUBG Mobile Lite, To fix the PUBG Mobile Lite update problem, krafton has updated the PUBG Mobile Lite to the beta version.

When you download the beta version, you will see some 1001 MB update After the update, when your game is opened, then your happiness will not be there.

SUPUER STAR RISING. Guys As You Know From Last 2 Updates Pubg Mobile Lite Has Launched Popularity Features Inside The Game In which players send popularity to each other Due to which the popularity of any player is high, then it comes in the top 100. And those players become popular inside the game The player who is in the top 100 in the world wide popularity of PUBG Mobile Lite becomes famous. 

So now after pubg mobile lite update problem you will get to see in new beta update of 0.22.0 Some special things that will make you happy knowing The special thing is that the players who reach the top 100 in the popularity rank of PUBG Mobile Lite will be given the title of PUBG Mobile Lite Super Star Rising. Yes, whatever you read, you read it right. Now whoever comes in the top 100 in the popularity rank, he will get the title of Super Star Rising.

GOLDEN WOOD. The new beta version of PUBG Mobile Lite In that, if you click on the map and select the Golden Wood Map, then the Golden Wood Map will not be selected. You will not be able to play matches in the Golden Wood Map This shows that in the new update of Pubg Mobile lite, golden wood map is also being . This means that now something will be updated in the map as well. 

what update will come what Pubg Lite has changed, only after the new update comes inside the map, you will know Perhaps you must be thinking that a new map will come in PUBG Mobile Lite. So you are thinking wrong, the new map is not going to come at all. The map will all remain the same old one, just a little changing is attached to it and nothing new will come inside the rest of the map.

WORKSHOP. When you click on Workshop of Pubg Mobile Lite, Workshop will not open at all. You will not be able to see the skin of any quality In the new beta version of PUBG Mobile Lite So this means that after the PUBG Mobile Lite update problem, now in the new update, you may get to see some new skin properties. 

If the work shop is not being opened then it is a matter of fact that in the new update, guns are also being worked on. And we will also get to see the new Guns skin in which scarle, akm, Uzi, kar98, mini14, m416, awm, m24, m249, ump9, etc Out of all these guns, which quality skin is going to come, it will be known only after the new update comes. And which quality skin are you waiting for or which quality skin is running in your mind, you can tell us by commenting.

Battlegrounds Mobile India lite 

Many players have left Pubg Mobile Lite due to no update of Pubg Mobile Lite. Most of the players are Indian who have left PUBG Mobile Lite and started playing Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

The reason for leaving the PUBG Mobile Lite is also big. Reason is that PUBG Lite is Banned in India You must know this thing that after Ban, PUBG Lite has to be used vpn to play. The game does not open at all without the vpn But if you do it and then start the game then you have to face the biggest problem. 

those problems are high ping issues Playing the game is very difficult due to the high ping And the game also starts to lag, due to which our game does not run smoothly. Secondly, you are not able to kill because of high ping. And the anime kills you, due to which your stature Rating also starts decreasing. 

And your skills make a big difference too And players become demotivational too When the new season comes, then it is definitely in your mind that you have to Conqueror in this season. 

but you can't When Because ping is high, when you will not be able to play the game properly no will you be able to survive So you can't do Conqueror at all This is the only reason why my players have left PUBG Mobile Lite And PUBG Lite players are now waiting for Indian PUBG Lite If pubg mobile lite update problem is solved 

then maybe old players can return to this game Indian PUBG Lite will also be launched in just a few months In India within 3 or 4 months you will need only Waiting to be seen on play store.

Pubg New state download

krafton after launching Battlegrounds Mobile India Now on Play Store also you will be getting to see the pre-registration of Pubg New State. This thing is very happy for gamers After some time you will be able to download Pubg New State from Indian Play Store By the way, you can download Pubg New Status from other sites. but you have to download real pubg new state and play it so you have to wait a bit.

Because Pubg New State Per-Registration Is In Process You will be able to download the facility after the pre-registration is over If you guys have not registered on Pubg New State on Play Store so If you go and do it now, then you will get early access easily.

How to purchase bc pubg mobile lite

As you know, after Pubg Mobile Lite was banned in India, it became very difficult to purchase the BC. Players used to purchase these games earlier and people could easily purchase them. But in India, no gamers can buy the directly after banned the PUBG Lite is 

The biggest problem is that as soon as the new winner comes, the Many gamers want to take the winner pass. But due to lack of bc purchase, those people cannot take the winner pass. Winner pass is very important thing for gamers, because of which every gamer wants to take winner pass. New gun Skin New Outfits New Vehicle Skin There are a lot of things gamers want to achieve via winner pass. 

But when Battle Coins will not be there in your account then how can you get winner pass But many gamers used to buy Battle Coins from different sources, which made their work easier. 

As earlier battle science purchases were done through direct madsby, but now battle coins purchases have also stopped from medsbay. After that people found another way and found out That way is that first you have to create an account in Razer Gold website. Then you have to setup full profile, after that your email and mobile number have to be verified. Then you will have to purchase Razor Gold Coin in it, for which your PAN card details will also have to be given, then you will be able to buy Razor Gold. 

After doing all this you have to go to Maidasby, you have to put your Pubg mobile lite I'd. Then your bc comes to your account And the most important thing is that you can't even buy Razer Gold without a VPN. And the location of the same country has to be set in the VPN, in which the Razer Gold website is valid. You can't even buy Razor Gold direct inside India unless you Without VPN But now this system has also been stopped, you can say that Medasby and Razor Gold coin or website can be said inside because India, everything is blocked. 

That's why it's impossible to buy a bc now And this thing is now a matter of great trouble for PUBG Mobile Lite players. If a player wants to upgrade his gun, then you must know that it takes thousands of bc to upgrade guns. So how will anyone be able to upgrade their guns and neither will they be able to get the winner pass. That's why players are leaving PUBG Mobile Lite and playing Battlegrounds Mobile India. There are some youtubers who are doing bus purchase and also getting their subscriber to do bus purchase. 

But they will have to give their login id password, then they will purchase and put it in your account. But this is not an easy task for everyone, there will be many of you who do not want to give their login access to anyone. Because there may be a lot of important data in your I'd, you do not want anyone else to be able to access this data Or there will be fear in your mind that I may be cheated and no one should misuse my data. That's why it's so hard to trust someone 

But there is one more star from which bc purchase can be done. But that way normal players just can't buy Because now the way the bus is being bought, for that one should have a debit card. And not only should you have a debit card, along with this, international transactions should also be approved in your debit card. only then you will be able to buy Now let's talk about what is that way of buying a BC.

Now you will not have to go to any other website just for BC purchase Now you can buy these in games only First of all, you have to add your Visa Debit Card in your Play Store, this is very important. And your debit card should have international transaction facilities If your debit card does not have these facilities, then you can go to your bank and get the international transaction done. In these games, when you open the shop, then the complete list of the bc will be opened there, all the pack price of the BC will be shown. But remember one thing that you will need a VPN Your work can't be done without vpn You will not be able to purchase the BC, the VPN must be such that it has the server location of Turkey. 

In the VPN, you have to select the turkey and do it. And if you have already added your debit card with your play store, now you can buy just by selecting any pack And you can enjoy your game, then whether you want to take a winner pass or upgrade the gun, if you have it, then you can do anything.

beware of cheaters 

Ever since pubg mobile lite update problem started in India And since PUBG Mobile Lite is banned in India, common players are getting cheated a lot in the name of BC purchase. People first take money from people in the for of BC, after that they don't give BC. And block the mobile number of the customer A lot of such cases have come to the fore, especially with simple players, such a problem occurs only.

And now Madasby and Razor Gold are also blocked inside India. Now the BC cannot be Purchase from these sites also But there is still a way by which the BC is easily purchased. In the same way that I have already told you above, cheaters are cheating a lot of people. need to be careful with such people For example, if you do not have a VISA card, you are forced to share your ID and password. Due to which the cheater changes the I'd password . And also changes the mobile number from which you cannot even recover your id.

Many people also have Visa Debit Card but international transaction is not available in their card. Due to which those people also have to share their ID password, then the same thing happens with them. They lose both their money and their money So please do not give your ID and pass to anyone in such a way that both your money and your ID will be safe. Then you don't have to face the problem 

Give your ID password to only people you know personally Otherwise do not give your id and password to any unknown youtubers or BC sellers at all. Otherwise you may have to face heavy loss. Either you add the debit card of any of your friends or family members in your play store. In which international transaction is available then you can easily purchase the BC.

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