Candy crush level 621

Candy crush level 621

Candy crush level 621

You can't beat your candy crush Level 621 able to do So you have come to the right place, here you will get 100% answer to your question. 

So today we will show you how to beat Candy Crush level 621 in just 7 moves. And 11 moves will also be saved. This is a very easy level which will be very easy to beat.

 You just need to play a little carefully There is no other issue, just your level will be easily beat.

How many moves are there in Candy Crush level 621

As you must be aware, how many moves are there in Candy Crush Level 621. 

and how much do you have to score If your level is not getting beat then today in this article I will show you how level beat is done.

 You will be able to beat your level as well as i have also embedded the video below I beat Candy Crush level 621 in only 7 moves with proof Many people keep playing this level for a long time but their level is not known to beat. 

Total 18 moves are given in Candy Crush Level 621 There are 3 types of color candy Which can be easily made Wrapped & Stripped. 

Blue green and orange color candy If any level has more variety of color candy then it is very difficult to beat the level Candy Crush Level 621 contains total 54 jellies that have to be broken 9 jellies in the right corner and 9 jellies in the left corner is

And the bottom side In center also has 18 jellies Which is a hard jelly which is broken in 2 times 

So in total there are 54 jellies And in the right side there are 3 color bombs which are kept locked. And there is 1 candy bomb in the left side which is also kept locked.

 And just up there is a candy frog in the center Which is hit 3 times with a straight candy bomb After hitting the candy frog's stomach is full, then you can easily beat the level by using the frog.

 And to break the color bomb, first its lock has to be broken, only after that the color bomb can be broken.

How to beat Candy crush level 621

Candy crush level 621
Candy Crush

Now we tell you how to beat this level I know a lot of people can't beat this level 

So level beat Candy Crush level 621, first you have to make both Stripped & Wrapped together in the center and hit the frog And then by long pressing on the frog, you touch the center of the right or left jelly square And then 9 jellies at once will break immediately. 

Then the color of the candy frog will change For example, if the color of the candy frog is blue, then you have to make stripped & wrapped and hit them together. 

What will happen with this that the stomach of the candy frog will be filled back, then you can hit it by long pressing on whichever side you want. 

that will break most of your jelliesi Then you will be able to clear candy crush level 621 easily Let me remind you again that the most important thing is the frog, by hitting which you can cross your level. 

If you make your 2 color bombs together And then if both the color bombs are exploded together then Candy Crush level 621 will be cleared at the same time. 

As far as you should try to make 2 color bombs together And bump both of them together then your level will be beat at the same time Earlier, in the old Candy Crush version, the points also had to be targeted But now the points have no value in the new version Now whether the points are low or high, the points automatically increase as the level is beat. 

If you cross the level you also get 3 stars If Gold Event is going on then you also get 9 Golds Then you can easily use these golds anywhere And can also increase moves and lives from gold If you play the game using your brain, then you can easily beat the level in maximum 10 moves.

Structur of candy crush level 621

Episode• lollypop meadow

Moves • 18

Target score• N/A

Level type• square jellies

Space• 49

Jelly squares• 18 dubble jelly 18 single jelly

Blockers• 5 square

Boosters• 5 locked colour bomb1candy frog

Candy types• 3 candy blue, green, orange

Space• 49

Difficulty• easy

EVENTS of candy crush saga rewards

When you open Candy Crush game, an event box shows at the bottom of your dashboard When you click in that event, you see a booster wheel in front Now I will tell you how and how much rewards you get in this event.


BOOSTER WHEEL The company gives you this booster wheel for free, if you spin it, you get a reward. 

This booster wheel can be spin only one time in 24 hours You Have to Pay Candy Crush Saga for Next Chance Only then will you be able to spin the booster wheel Otherwise you do not have to pay, then you can do free spins in 24 hours only one time.

SWEET CINEMA In the event itself, you will see the option of a sweet cinema. What is this sweet cinema let me tell you Candy Crush gives you some reward when you click on Sweet Cinema You can also use this only once a day Otherwise you have to watch the AD video in Sweet Cinema if you want to get the second time also. 

If the ad video is available then you can get reward by watching the video Sometimes the video is not available due to which we do not get a chance to watch the video. 

After watching the video, some hidden boxes will be shown, any one box has to be selected. 

When you select the box, Lollipop Hammer will break the hidden box from which you will get reward But sometimes this box is empty from which you do not get reward. If you're lucky, you'll get a reward, otherwise you'll have to wait for the next day.

Candy crush level 621
Candy Crush

DAILY TREAT MACHINE When you click on this machine, you will see some reward there, which you can claim and get your reward. You will be able to claim this reward only once in 24 hours. 

In this you will get to see 6 types of rewards, out of which you will get 3 reward gifts. 

only 24 hr in one time Some numbers are added on every reward, when the number on which the needle of this machine will stop, you will get the some reward.

5. Coconut wheel. 2

10. colour bomb. 3

15. jelly fish. 3

20. stripped & wrapped. 3

25. coconut wheel. 3

30. free switch. 3

CANDY CHRONICLES beat hard level to collect the kingdom's scroll and earn sweet discount Candy Chronicles has 8 rolls whenever you beat a hard level you get 1 roll per level And there is a reward in every role, when you beat the level, then you get this reward.

MASTER TROPHY You will get to see this master trophy in the event itself. 

I will tell you how you will be able to get reward in this When you finish an episode and you move from position 1 to 5, you get rewards in that too Talking about rewards, if you get first position in this episode then you can get golden crown If you also come on the last 5 position, then you will get some great reward.

DAILY WIN I will also tell you in details how you will get the reward in this. 

You have to beat the level to get reward from Daily Win It has the requirements of 6 stickers When you beat a level, you get a per level 1 sticker, similarly you have to beat level 6 Then you will get 6 stickers After having 6 stickers, you can click on Daily Win to get your rewards.

EPISODE RACE episode race in candy crush In the event box, this episode is a race show, according to your level, you are given a race number. 

for example my episode is race 5 your race will be according to your level In this race there are positions up to 1, 2, 3, if you gain the first position then you can get superb rewards.

FANTASTIC.5 What happens in this is that a team has to be created in which 5 people have to be invited. When your 5 members are complete then there is some score in the event, that score has to be earned. 

for example 7.k score point If you come to the first position foot out of 5 members, then again. you get rewards After creating a team, you can also invite your Facebook friends Or you can also go to other's team and have to play the game and earn score. 

How to save your candy crush game or level

Candy crush level 621
Candy Crush

We will show you how you can save your game and level for lifetime ByChances are your phone or device is accidentally lost or stolen Or for some reason you make your device full formate By which all the data of your game is removed.

then you download candy crush game again then you have to play level 1 from start All the levels you beat in the past are locked again You do not have the option to start again from the same level 

You are very upset that you beat the level with great effort and then you have to play the starting level again So you feel very sad but there is no need to worry Today I will tell you how you can save your game Anytime in life if there is any problem with your device or you change your phone You will still be able to access your game from where you played your game last time. 

Candy Crush Offers An Option To All Its Gamers By Which You Can Save Your Game Forever And you can start again whenever you want You will get to see all this in the settings Where you can save your game forever by connecting your game with Facebook or email.

Now I will tell you about the setting 

When you open your game then the option of play will come If you click on the play button then you will be directly entered in the map. You will see the setting icon in the right side corner.

If you click on the setting, then you will get to see some kind of interface in front of you.

There you will see the option of Music and Sound You can turn music and sound on or off if you want Then below that you will see the option of My Account I'll tell you about that account option later First let's know about all these features.

Where you will see the option of how to play, these options are for new users. When you click on it, Candy Crush will tell you how you can play the game How to Make a Color Bomb and Wrapped & Stripped.

After that there is the option of notification which you can turn on or off if you want. 

If you keep it, you will only benefit Because when your lives run out, you turn off the game and waiting for your lives In such a situation, Candy Crush sends you a notification that your lives are ready, you can play the game again. This is the advantage of notification.

Now let's move on to the second option There you will get to see the option of Features When you click on Features, 3 more options will appear, which you can turn on or off.

Candy crush level 621
Candy Crush

1• Hints 

2• Fantastic five 

3• Master TROPHY

HINTS. I'll tell you what happens, where it would have happened When you're playing a game, sometimes you don't know which candy to crush now. 

So Candy Crush gives you a hint that you crush this candy There's a pop-up show In which the candy keeps popping up down so that you know it is candy crush Which makes it easy for you to play the game Then you know which candy to crush And I have already told you above about the Master Trophy.

And at the bottom you will get to see 2 more options in it You will get the option of community chat, the second option is of helpline. 

 You can also join the king community by clicking on the community When you go to the community, you will see many options there. 

There you can discuss about your new level, you will also get to see tutorial videos of playing the game. 

Support help option will also be available If you are facing any problem regarding the game, then you can tell over there, from there you will also be guided. 

Meaning that you can get all kinds of solutions related to the game there. 

You will also get information about other contests going on. 

Then you can also participate in the contest And there you can also contact with your favorite players.

And at the bottom you will also get to read the privacy policies, this you will know what are the guidelines and rules of playing Candy Crush. 

There are many things you can see by visiting yourself. 

Now let's talk about how you have to save your game. 

When you open the setting, you will see the option of My Account Click on it then you can put your own image there You can set a password to save your game by entering an email By which your game will be saved forever Even if you forget your password, you can reset the password and set a new password again. 

About of candy crush game or king company

Friends, Candy Crush is a game that everyone plays, be it children or old or young. 

A Simple Game That's Very Addictive Who made this famous game and who is its owner and how much money has this game earned You will get to read all these things in this article. 

And you will be surprised to know all these things Guys Candy Crush game is made by a company named King This company started in the United Kingdom and this company was formed by 7 people together. 

The name of one of them is the most famous. Owner name of king company Riccardo Zacconi.

Before the formation of Candy Crush, the King company had made many games, mostly mobile games. 

But their games were not very successful. But this company was earning a lot of profit. 

But one time it came that this company was bankrupt. It looked like the King Company might close at any time. 

But friends there are ups and downs in business The owners of King Company did not know that a game would take them to the heights of the sky. 

King Company made a game in 2012 called Candy Crush Which was launched on Android and iOS 

Let me remind you that the mobile games of King Company were never successful and they did not have much hope from Candy Crush either. 

But soon the candy crush game made a lot of records. 

And in a few weeks as soon as this game was launched, 4.million people downloaded this game. 

More than 1.Billion people have downloaded the Candy Crush game by 2021 The reason why Candy Crush game became so famous is probably because it is a very simple game. 

Candy Crush can be played by survivors, young and old alike Maybe this is the reason why this game became so popular. This game changed the gaming industry forever.

Guys you must be wondering how Candy Crush makes money.

So friends one thing is freemium and one thing is premium let me tell you what freemium is Guys freemium means that the basic thing that the company gives for free is called freemium. 

The company offers some basic stuff for free like Candy Crush which you play for free. 

But along with that there are some things from which money is taken from you.

Candy Crush game is a great example As you are playing Candy Crush Level 621 In this level you are given 18 moves And your level doesn't beat and your moves run out and your level doesn't know. 

You are thinking that in this chance I have to beat Candy Crush level 621 So candy crush gives you option to buy gold then you buy gold so you have to pay There are many other things that the company offers to buy you, from which the company benefits.

And in other case Candy Crush gives you the option to watch the video. 

gives In return you get a chance to spin and gives you some moves for free With which you get Candy Crush level 621beat But you must be thinking that watching videos does not cost us money. 

But let me tell you that when you watch videos, your internet data is spent. 

only then you can watch the video But you will know that you also have to buy internet data with your own money, from which you watch videos. 

And the ad runs in that video and you watch the video with that ad In return, Google gives money to the Candy Crush company. 

Now you must have understood how Candy Crush company earns money.

What % of people spend money on Candy Crush? 

Most people don't spend money on Candy Crush For example 97.3% of people don't spend money on this game But there are some people who spend money in this game. 

Only 2.7% of people spend money in this game But you must be thinking that in this game only 2.7% of the people spend money in this game, then what would be the benefit to Candy Crush company. 

But when you come to know how much money the company earns from these 2.7% people, then you will be surprised to know that Calculate yourself that 1 billion people have downloaded this game all over the world If 2.7% of those people spend 1$ per day in this game, then how much income would be earned by Candy Crush.

How much money did candy crush company make from this game

Guys, when I tell you how much money Candy Crush made from this game, you will be surprised. You must be wondering how one can make so much money from one game. 

So Dear Readers In 2018 This King Company Has Earned $1.5 Billion Dollars that too only from candy crush game. 

You must have been blown away knowing this means that Per Day has earned 42 $ Target Dollars. Their life changed because of Candy Crush started in the United Kingdom, the Candy Crush game is still played all over the world.

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