how to fix BGMI lag

 how to fix BGMI lag

how to fix BGMI lag

If you are searching, how to fix BGMI lag, then you have come to the right place. If you are troubled by lag and you are not able to play  BGMI and PUBG game properly So your problem is going to be solved here We will try to solve your problem completely, how to fix bgmi lag, Sometimes it happens that we have the best network and also good device. Still we can't play the game properly 

how to fix BGMI lag, in your mobile

how to fix bgmi lag, Even when we have very good game playing skills, still we are not able to play the game properly. The enemy kills us as soon as we land inside the PUBG  And this makes us angry Due to lag, our moments are also not able to be done properly and we are not able to hit the enemy's. Sometimes it seems that our device is on vibration mode, in this way we have to face the problem.

And all this problem happens only and only because of high ping. We don't even know when the enemy leaves us dead If you will read this article properly And whatever method I will tell in this, if you follow it then 99% of your problem will be solved. And you will never have to face lag in the future You just have to add all the settings properly which i have written below You do not have to miss any steps, just as you have been told, you have to do all the settings in the same way, how to fix bgmi lag.

So now what's the delay, let's start

So how are you guys, hope you guys are doing well Welcome to our Red Rider Gaming website Today we will tell you how you can fix the lag of your game. A lot of you must be playing Battle Grounds Mobile India either or play pubg mobile or play pubg mobile lite everyone's issue will be the same Many of you will be either from Village or City.

everyone has to face the same problem But today all the trouble will go away I am going to tell you 2 settings, by which whatever applications you keep running in the background, they will also be closed. By which your ping issue will also end, your ping will go from 200 or 300 to 60 or 70 Whether you have this Idea Jio any SIM card of Airtel, this setting will solve all the problems. You don't have to worry, today we will solve your problem completely. You guys just work with a little patience.

Now let's talk about APN setting 

1• So first you have to go to your settings.

2• After that the option of SIM card data will appear, click on it


3• In front you will see the SIM card slot, whichever SIM you are using, click on it


4• You will see your settings or access point settings And in the right corner you will see the plus + icon, you have to click on it


5• Then you will be shown the complete list of your APN settings


6• You have to click on the NAME Box and write in it (Speed ​​Bot 2021) But remember you have to write the first word in capital and do it OK.


7• In second option you will see your Click on it and write (SBGgaming.alpha) in it and then do ok Remember that these 3 words SBG have to be written in capital only, the rest is to be written in small letters.


8• Then you will see the proxy, do not write anything in it, keep the not set only. You have to keep the not set in the same port as well. After that you will see the username, click on the username Write in it (speedboat21) All words are to be written in small letter only..

9• At the bottom you will see the option of password You don't have to write anything in the password Below the password you will see the server In the server you have to write ( I have to write in the same way as I have written Not a Any word should be written differently.

10• After scrolling down, you will see the option of Authentication Type Click on it here you will get to see 4 options You have to scroll, at the bottom you have to click on (PAP or CHAP) and put the select mark

11• If you scroll down, you will see the open protocol, click on it In this you will see 3 options, click on the third option (IPv4/IPv6) have to select.

12• If you scroll down, you will see your APN roaming protocol, click on it Here you will see 3 options, the bottom 3rd option     (IPv4/IPv6) has to be selected.

13• You have to scroll down and go to the bottom, there you will see the option of Bearer Click on Bearer, this is the most important setting, you have to select (LTE) After that, you will see the option of save in the top right corner, you have to save it. After saving, you will see Speed ​​Bot 2021, you have to select it. 

Here all the settings are completed.

Now let's move on to other settings 

Now let's move on to the second setting You have to 

1• go to your settings and scroll down to the bottom Below you will see (About Phone) click on it After that you will see the version, click on the version Then tap on the option (build number) 7 times Then your developer option will be turned on.


2• After the developer option is turned on, you have to go back to the settings Here you will see (Additional Settings) Then click on Additional Settings Here you will see developer option Then click on developer option After that you will see many options here You Will find don't keep Activities Then click on it and put blue tick mark.

3• Just below that you will see (Background Processor Limit) Then click and select (no background process) After that you have to back and restart your mobile.

After that you turn on your game then your  lag problem will be over. Never again will you have a ping issue But remember that all the settings have to be done in the same way as I have told here. The article is a bit long but it's too good for you 

So guys you want the best updates like this, then follow our blog so that you can get every new update. 

thanks for reading the article

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